Friday, July 14, 2017

Announcing Plan B - the tell all memoir from the CEO of Launch Strategies

Just out in time for Summer, 2017 - Plan B: The Trip of A Lifetime by Stephanie Silverman Houser, of Launch Strategies. After selling her business in 2006, Houser opted to sail away with her husband and Golden Retriever. Check out her tell all memoir of how they failed to sail around the world but had fun along the way. The ebook is for sale at Amazon and an audio book and print version are coming soon.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


We have helped launch hundreds of products, companies and even films and TV programs. It’s in our blood. After we meet, we develop a strategic plan to launch your business and/or get you funding including marketing, PR and social media plans. Then we help you execute the plan yourself or we can stick around to see it through. Sometimes we remain on board as an extension of your business for months or years – whatever works best to insure the success of your launch, and ultimately your brand.

 Industries • Technology • Entertainment • Consumer • Health • Non Profit  

Our Services Include • Launch planning and event strategy • Introductions to funding resources & investors • Marketing and business plan development • Social media strategy • Audience viewing attraction plans • Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram development • Website and blog creation • Content development • Event and film premiere planning • Merchandising strategy • Press release development • Media relations and training

Check out our production division, launch flix to seamlessly add strong visuals & videos to your launch for a bigger impact.

We also offer: • Production • Impact Production • Social Media Production • Director of Photography • Screenwriting  • Funding

We are always looking for investments in great products and companies. If it’s not for us, we can make introductions to national funding resources & investors.

Interested? Contact us to discuss your launch.

Let’s do Launch: steph at launchflix dot com (954) 361-3968

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