Thursday, April 18, 2019


We're currently developing new projects as well as editing a documentary on a Holocaust Survivor, casting for a feature length independent comedy, and co-producing a comedic Web series. Check out our short film, Becoming Henry. TV production and film experience includes writing and producing Becoming Henry and producing America's Next Top Model, marketing shows and films for Disney Channel, LifeTime TV, and The TV Guide Network and handling publicity for The Square Root of 2 and Conversations with Hollywood. See Stephanie Houser on IMDB. We are always interested in partnering on projects. Call (323)382-6853 or email steph @launchflix dot com.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


We have launched many films and TV programs, products, companies and non profit projects. It’s in our blood.

Our Services Include • Film, Unscripted & Scripted TV, Web series development • Launch planning and event strategy • Introductions to funding resources & investors • Marketing and business plan development • Social media strategy • Audience viewing attraction plans • Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram strategic plans • Content development • Event and film premiere planning • Merchandising strategy • Press release development

Check out our reel, launch flix

We also offer: • Production • Impact Production • Social Media Production • Screenwriting  • Funding

We are always looking for investments in great projects. If it’s not for us, we can make introductions to national funding resources & investors.

Interested? Contact us to discuss your launching your flix.

Let’s do Launch: steph at launchflix dot com (323)382-6853

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